A few new details were released today about the Xbox One, as Microsoft continues its press-tour to educate the public of all the new and updated features for the upcoming console. One of the biggest facts that were confirmed today (Monday) is that the Xbox One Kinect can be unplugged, the console will work without the camera/motion detector.
It was Xbox Corporate VP Marc Whitten that told IGN the news during an interview. This is just the latest about-face that the company has been forced into since it announced the Xbox One. Last May, Microsoft Studios Corporate VP Phil Spencer stated that the Xbox One would require the Kinect to be plugged in at all times.
It should be noted that many of the Kinect’s features are integrated with the console, and by not having it plugged in you will lose all of them. That being said, it’s nice to know if something happened to your Kinect, or if you simply didn’t want it, you have the option to unplug it. Whitten said in the interview, “Games use Kinect in a variety of amazing ways, from adding voice to control your squad mates, to adding lean and other simple controls beyond the controller, to full immersive gameplay.” Whitten then added, “That said, like online, the console will still function if Kinect isn’t plugged in, although you won’t be able to use any feature or experience that explicitly uses the sensor.”
more info on the console: amazon/xboxone