Twitter is sending out emails to clients, letting them know that a new Twitter Advertising UI is on the way. In the email Twitter states, “We’ve clearly heard that businesses like yours need deeper insights into campaigns and better ways to target your customers. So starting on August 19th, we are upgrading all advertisers to the full suite of Twitter Ads features! This means that the current interface will no longer be available.”
According to Twitter customers, August 20th at 11am PST, will be able to join a live webcast to, “answer your questions and show you some best practices to set you up for success.”
Features Include:
Target by keyword

  • Reach people based on what they tweet about and the keywords they search for on Twitter. Either way, you can show your message when it’s most relevant.

Run multiple campaigns at the same time

  • Want to reach various audiences with different messages? Now you can create numerous campaigns that target different interests or keywords.

Get additional metrics

  • We’re giving you more insights to help you optimize your Twitter Ads campaigns. Analyze which Tweet content resonates most with your audience as well as understand which targeting options are most effective.

You can log in to your account and click on “Switch to Advanced” at the top of the page to scheck out the new UI for yourself.