We lived in a world filled with physical media; VHS, CDs, DVDs and Blu-ray discs all would line our cabinets and towers as we proudly displayed our collections. Since so many people were already buying these physical-media discs, it only made sense to have special collector’s edition box-sets for Hollywood’s top blockbusters. Now there are a lot of collectors that will never give up their box-sets and will continue to prefer physical-media over digital media and I am not here to convert, only to add.
As we progress, many people are choosing digital-media for their film, television, audiobook and ebook purchases. The problem with digital media, is that many people like physical assets when it comes to goodies, extras and bonuses that normally come in a box set. One trend that is becoming very popular with consumers is the limited-edition art books that are being offered for films and television series.
One of the latest art books to be released is also this week’s number one weekend blockbuster ‘Elysium,’ the new art book is entitled ‘Elysium: The Art of the Film’. The project is From Neill Blomkamp, the director of the District 9, who directed the gigantic sci-fi epic starring Matt Damon and Jodie Foster. The book comes with a terrific foreword by Blomkamp, and inside you will find a truly captivating collection of production art and photos, including some notes from the legendary designer Syd Mead (Blade Runner, Tron).
The Limited Edition comes in a slipcase featuring the ship “Elysium” on one side and the “ravaged Earth” of 2154 on the other, and is presented with a print by Syd Mead and a signature plate signed by Neill Blomkamp. There are only 1000 copies printed of the LE so many people will go for the standard edition, which still offers a mountain of terrific insight and images that aren’t available anywhere else. Featuring concept art, graphics and illustrations from the making of the movie, the collection is perfect for sci-fi fans, collectors and movie-buffs. The book was authored by Mark Salisbury, the author of Prometheus: The Art of the Film, and Dark Shadows: The Visual Companion (two other terrific collections I must say).
First of all the book is huge (11 15/16” x 10 6/8”), printed on collector quality, 240gsm Textured Fine Art paper. There are behind-the-scenes moments, notes from the cast and crew, concept art that you won’t find anywhere else and other precious gems that the avid collector should find interesting. Looking back I will never regret buying the box sets that I have stored away. I remember how excited I was when purchasing them, and they remind me of how movies are a constant reminder of a special moment in time when I first saw the film. Looking forward though, and knowing what I do now about the expansion of media, I can see how limited edition art books would be a wiser choice going forward, and something that is much easier to share, display collect and enjoy.

The fact that the Standard Edition Elysium art book is only $39, and the limited edition is only $75, makes the art-book collection all the more convenient and all the more practical for any age. It’s even on sale for a limited time to promote the film at Amazon for only $24
more info on art book: amazon