According to recently published reports from Asurion, one of the leaders in technology protection services, one-third of teens have damaged their phone by dropping it in the last 18 months. According to the report, it was discovered that most of these gadget disasters happened at school. Back to School is one of the largest shopping seasons in America, from tech and book to clothes and accessories, almost every family can cash-in on the savings being offered around this time of year.
Asurion-Info-GraphAmong those polled, 68% of students received his or her first cell phone, “between the ages of 10 to 15 years old.” While more and more smartphones and tablets are being integrated into school curriculums, you can expect that number to only rise over the next few years. This means that more and more students will be bringing their devices into the classroom, passing them around to share pictures, videos and websites and increasing the risk of one of them breaking.
Asurion is reminding parents how important it is to protect a child’s cell phone this year, and the same policy should be in place with tablets and laptops. According to the company’s back-to-school data, 61% of students report using their cell phones regularly, followed by their laptops (46%) and their tablets (40%). As the company states in their report, “Since kids are so hard on their phones – it’s a no brainer to protect their back-to-school must-have gadgets.”
“Throughout the school year, parents and their children stay connected through their mobile phones,” said Bettie Colombo, spokesperson for Asurion. “As kids stay busy and active at school and during their extracurricular activities, there is an increased risk that they will lose or damage their devices. Asurion provides peace of mind that if something happens to your child’s device, whether it’s lost, stolen or damaged, we’ll make sure you and your children are reconnected as soon as possible, while also saving families from the high retail cost of purchasing a phone.”
No One Should Go To School Naked: Case it up!
There are thousands of products aimed at helping children and adults protect their phones, tablets and laptops from falls, water-damage, scratches and dings but finding the right covers that are cost-effective and durable can be a chore. There are a few things that you should look for when picking out the right case for your device though, and this these tips will help you narrow it down considerably. The first thing you want to look for is also the most obvious, you want a lightweight, durable, and secure cover. The Hard Shell Cases by HardCandy are a great example, they are made from tough polycarbonate materials that securely snap-on your Macbook Pro, Macbook Air, iPhone, iPad, Android or tablet. The company also makes covers for almost any other device you may have in your home including HTC, Nexus and Samsung devices.
The cases are custom-made for each device, they are securely fastened to each model and help protect the phone or tablet from everyday use, slips, falls and occasional spills during study-sessions. Multi-child homes (like mine was) will appreciate that the covers come in multiple colors. Since most siblings all get the same brand, one-house usually turns into 4 of the exact same device, and a child leaving work with mom’s laptop or smartphone instead of theirs is usually a terrible start to everyone’s busy day. HardCandy made a name for itself by offering extremely tough, long-lasting cases in a wide-array of materials, designs and price-points. We also like to suggest them because they cover a wider-array of devices and brands than most product designers. So whether mom and dad have Android Phones and Kindle, while the kids have iPads and iPhones, you can get all of your covers under one roof.
You also want to make sure that the cover doesn’t interfere with the device’s natural functions or cooling systems, this is extremely important when picking out a laptop-cover. Although some brands might be flashy, stylish or creative, if the cover blocks the exhaust panels on your laptop it can spell disaster in just a few hours. The video above shows how HardCandy’s covers come in separate pieces, this allows the Macbook heat-exhaust to be free and clear and function properly. You will want to locate your fan-exhausts and fan-intakes on your device and make sure that you select a cover that will work best. Charging is also an issue, make sure that your device is laser-cut, and that it’s precise. Large scale “bargain cases” can be irregular at times, and the openings for buttons and charges can be off a little, causing headaches when it’s time to recharge.
For phones, heat is less of an issue and buttons and reception are the key factors when choosing a case. Men tend to want slimmer cases on their phones since the majority of the time the phone will go inside a pocket instead of a bag. A metallic case is also preferred by men, since rubber grips tend to snag on pockets. Athletes are the opposite though, while some men and students prefer metallic cases for their phones, athletes and runners usually want a rubber-grip. Sweaty-hands or members of the swim-team would be wise to stay away from slick, metallic-cases and go for something that has a rubber, poly-carbonate case like this ShockDrop Sports Series Case.
Plastic cases are usually the cheapest and most colorful options, they do a fair-enough job protecting from scratches and dings but don’t protect very well against falls and crashes. They tend to break or have a tough time being removed or securely fastened to devices. Screen protectors, or the films that you simply add on your screen, are a nice and easy way to prevent scratches but they don’t protect your phone if it crashes to the floor.
In any ‘case’ you want to protect your device before sending the kids off to school, and parents and adults should take this shopping opportunity to stock up on some durable cases before any accidents happen.
Asurion also reminds parents that they should install an anti-theft application on their child’s device to locate or lock it and wipe data, and they should back up their child’s phone regularly to recover pictures, music and contacts quickly.
more info on the cases we mentioned: hardcandy