The cast and crew of Sony Picture’s epic sci-fi adventure ‘Elysium’ were at Westwood Theater to attend the premiere of the film. Fans couldn’t have been more excited to grab an autograph or picture with the star’s cast, which includes Matt Damon, Jodie Foster, Diego Luna, Sharlto Copley and other top Hollywood talent.
The entire crew had nothing but good things to say about the film’s director, Neill Blomkamp, who also wrote the script to the film. The movie itself is set in the year 2154, a message about the polarizing society that we currently live in. In the film the wealthy and elite society lives on a space-station, while the poor and undesirables live in the wasteland below that was Earth.
One standout moment during the interviews was the chance to see ‘Young Max’ in the film (played by Maxwell Perry Cotton) who couldn’t look, or act, more like a tiny Matt Damon. With a talent like that, you can expect to see a lot more of little Perry Cotton in the future.
The film released on August 9, 2013.