The United States trade panel today made an important ruling against South Korea’s Samsung Electronics, stating that Samsung infringes on Apple patents for mobile devices. The two mobile companies have been at war over the past several years, each claiming that the other violate their patents in United States and other countries
Today the U.S. International Trade Commission officially issued a limited exclusion order along with a cease-and-desist order that will prohibit Samsung from importing, selling and distributing devices in the United States. This ban only goes into effect for certain products deemed to have infringe on Apple’s patents. This process has one more step, the exclusions will be sent to Pres. Barack Obama, he has 60 days to review the order and is given the chance to veto them. If he does not, then the order will carry through and the products will banned.
This is just the latest patent case from Samsung and Apple, as we mentioned before the two of them have been battling it out for the last few years in 10 different countries. Each is fighting for the largest market-share in each of populations. In the ruling it was decided that Samsung devices infringed on the “501 patent,” this circuitry detects when a stereo headset or similar device is plugged in, the other patent was the “949 patent,” one that deciphers swipes on a touchscreen.
In the past Apple has alleged that Samsung’s Galaxy, Transform and Nexus devices all have been infringing on their rights. More information and the availability of each product considered to have violated the patents, will be released as we get closer to the 60 day due date.