Microsoft has released a new unboxing video for the upcoming Xbox one console. The video was released today and shows what is included in the Xbox One “Day One” edition that is set to release this November.
It has been confirmed by Microsoft that the Xbox one will include a headset. Earlier this year after the reveal, Microsoft stated that the Xbox one would not include a headset but Microsoft’s Maj. Nelson has confirmed that both the day one and Standard Editions will now come with the accessory in the box.
The Day One bundle does come with a few extras. A limited edition Xbox one controller with a chrome keypad will take the place of the Standard Edition regular controller. There will of course will be special packaging that all of this comes in and code for a day one achievement, should you be one of the first people to receive the day one addition at launch. Despite these extras both the standard edition and the day one bundle are priced at $500. Inside the box you will find a new kinect, an HDMI cable and power supply, a quick start guide and of course the Xbox one console.
There is no date yet for the Xbox One’s release, we do know that it is expected to release this November alongside the PS4. Almost every analyst agrees that the Xbox one will be in short supply come this holiday season, send can still preorder there’s from online markets like below.
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