The new GX gaming keyboard, named Manticore, is now available in North America. The Manticore is the latest keyboard from Genius, offering players 16 million backlight color options and a wide-array of features essential for online play.
Designed by GX Gaming, and for the first time available to NA users, the Manticore is a highly customizable gaming keyboard with mechanical-like keys with a 16 million color backlight palette in 3 separate color zones.
The Manticore outshines the competition thanks to it mechanical-like backlit keys, which are divided into three separate zones, and each zone can be set to a different color. They also feature a 16 million RGB color palette and four brightness levels, helping gamers play at a high level even in low-lighting settings. This wide range of color combined with the three key zones provides virtually unlimited customization options.
Situated on the left side of the Manticore are eight macro keys. Three different setups are possible, allowing for a total of 24 macros. And with just a press of a button, gamers can rapidly switch between setups. New macros can be created and assigned on the fly using the Master Record button. The Manticore also has 32 kilobyte onboard memory, and 20 keys can be pressed at the same time without any ghosting effect.
Package Contents (Wired keyboard with 1.8m cable, Manticore CD, Multilanguage quick guide). Specifications: Dimensions (W*H*D): 54.3 x 3.0 x 20.0cm, Weight: 1003g, High-speed USB 2.0 cable.
The Manticore lets gamers play at high speeds and in full comfort. It boasts an up to 1,000 hertz report rate with a 1millisecond response time, and is equipped with rubber pads on the bottom for enhanced stability. And with its smart cable management, the Manticore’s 1.8 meter (6ft) USB 2.0 cable won’t clutter desks. Two USB ports on the back of the keyboard can accommodate additional peripherals, helping users obtain a fully immersive gaming experience.
The GX Gaming Manticore keyboard is now available in North America for the suggested retail price of $79.99.
more info: gx-gaming