CBS has confirmed that Amber Tamblyn will join season eleven of the hit series ‘Two and a Half Men’. Amber Tamblyn will be replacing the missing Angus T. Jones, after that departure.
Amber-Tamblyn-InsertAs of right now Tamblyn is booked as a recurring guest-star and will begin on season eleven. Fans should remember Tamblyn from ‘Joan of Arcadia’ on Two and a Half Men she will play Jenny, Charlie’s (Charlie Sheen) daughter who recently moved to L.A. with hopes of becoming an actor.
We know that Tamblyn will recur in a minimum five episodes, is a lesbian on the show, and wants to reconnect with Charlie. Lorre talked about the lesbian character recently at the TCA stating, “I think it would be great have that voice on the show from a different perspective.” He then added, “The show has had enough testosterone to last a lifetime.”
The popular series was renewed by CBS last April and is going into the 11th season. “It’s really commendable that he wants to make that the next part of his life,” Lorre said, acknowledging Jones’ controversial remarks aimed at the show that made him a star. “He misstepped last year, and it’s just not fair to judge him on that. I certainly hope he comes back from time to time. But for now he’s embarking on a new life.”
Two and a Half Men will return on September 26th on CBS.