It’s getting harder and harder to write up anything positive about Microsoft’s decisions with the Xbox One. Just a few days after we confirmed that the Xbox One will have a limited 5min DVR record-time running in the background of your gaming sessions with a restricted limit of 30FPS at 720p, it will also be LIVE GOLD only.
Microsoft confirmed the restriction earlier today with One Hit Pixel. The feature is listed under the Xbox Live Gold member page (with Skype, OneGuide TV and SmartMatch) though it wasn’t confirmed individually until today (Wednesday). A rep from Microsoft told the website, “I can confirm that Game DVR features will be available to Xbox Live Gold members only.”
The DVR function was a big hit with fans during the announcement in May, recording video while you play so you can capture those special moments and upload them for all the world to see. The PS4 has the same feature, though it is 15min.
Even with all of the restrictions, confusion and 180s the company has made with the console, it still is selling out left and right at online retailers. You can still pre-order them for now, until holiday when they are most likely going to be sold out until 2014.
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