Get ready for even more Chris Hemsworth in your life, the god of thunder returns after his “Avengers” film with a new trailer for “Thor: The Dark World”. Marvel released the new trailer earlier today (Wednesday) directed by “Game of Thrones” director Alan Taylor.
This story actually takes place right after “Marvel’s The Avengers,” which Thor of course is a part of. Though instead of New York, the god-son will return to Asgard, were adopted brother Loki is currently imprisoned for attack on Earth. Anthony Hopkins stars as Odin in the film and can be heard in the opening of the trailer.
Fans of the series can await the coming of the Dark Elves, a terrible race full of rage and destruction. So because they are coming, Thor will venture back to Earth, back to the arms of Jane Foster (played by Natalie Portman).
“Thor: The Dark World” is set to premiere on November 8, 2013.