It has been one of the most requested features for a while now but Bioware has finally conceded and brought animal-mounts to ‘Star Wars: The Old Republic’ with update 2.3 “Titans of Industry”.
The update also includes a new story arc that will bring players closer to the Czerka Corporation’s CZ-198 Labs. This will add two level 55 Flashpoints (Czerka Corporate Labs and Cezerka Core Meltdown) run by the executive Rasmus Blys. The new ridable Tauntaun mounts that I mentioned earlier can be bought, you just have to head to the “Tauntaun Trainer” on the ice-planet Hoth. If you need even more company, you can grab a new companion character named Treek, available via the Cartel Market.
You can take a tour of the new flashpoints and story on the official SWTOR website below, or check out the video above for even more details on the update.
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