There is a new DOTA 2 themed gaming headset and mouse-pad from the designers at SteelSeries, and it’s one that fans should enjoy. SteelSeries partnered with Valve to create the Dota 2-themed devices, they feature an in-game item as well, a Scythe of Vyse for Nature’s Prophet.
The headset is the The ‘Siberia v2 Dota 2 Edition’ and it has some special features of its own, including customizable red LED illumination. The lights are on each earcup and will allow users to adjust the pulsing glow in wide-array of modes. The headsets themselves cost $119.99. The company also released two new mousepads designed with character-art from the popular game. The device was shown at this year’s International Dota 2 contest, and will be sold online late this month.