One of the new features that was highlighted at both the PS4 and Xbox One reveal was each console’s ability to capture gameplay. Now it seems that the Xbox One will only be able to do so at a limited 720p resolution and only at 30fps.
While many Xbox 360 users may be comfortable with video-capture cards at this point, the idea that you will be able to record gameplay without third-party tools was probably an exciting feature for most to learn. Microsoft confirmed that the Xbox One would be limited in its video-capture and not offer a full-resolution option. This is really disappointing for game-players that enjoy top-tier games like Forza 5, which would allow players to use 1080P resolution at 60fps, but will only be able to capture videos at a reduced rate.
It was also revealed in that the PS4 will be saving the last 15 minutes of your gameplay. The Xbox One will only be saving the last 5 minutes of your gameplay, in the event that something interesting happens that you would want to save and share. The news probably is a disappointment to game-developers as well, all of these videos being shared at reduced rates makes their games look worse than they actually are, not the best advertising situation when thousands, if not millions of videos are being uploaded and shared from the games they worked so hard to perfect.
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