Sony Computer Entertainment has released a new PS Vita update, this one aims to add new features to the popular handheld. There is a new ability to quickly upload and/or download game save-data if you are a PlayStation Plus member. Other details involve fast-access to settings, wireless functions and screen-settings.
This marks version 2.60, it was released on Monday. Players will see a PlayStation Plus added to a game’s LiveArea screen. If you are a member (and really you should be) you will then be able upload or download game save-data from your online storage folder, and you gain the option auto-upload save-data just like the PS3.
Another great feature, allows players to play content that is saved on a connected device, like your PS3 or PC. So you can watch those giant movies now. Holding the PlayStation button, you gain access to screen-settings and music controls. You can also adjust the mic and chat settings or change wi-fi or Bluetooth.