As promised the BBC has confirmed the identity of the 12th Doctor in the popular series ‘Doctor Who’. The 12th Doctor will be played by actor Peter Capaldi. Here are the details as they were announced.
Peter-Capaldi-InsertThe BBC made the official announcement just moments ago (Sunday) in a worldwide simultaneous television event reaching across four countries, and spanning three continents. Fans have been eagerly awaiting the revelation of the 12th Doctor ever since it was confirmed that the current Doctor (Matt Smith) would not be returning for another season. “In a way it’s the longest job in television,” Peter Davison (Doctor #5) said to crowd before the reveal. He added, “When I gave the father of the bride speech it all got confusing!” he stated as he reminisced about the confusing plot-lines that makes the show such a hit with viewers. In a touching moment Davidson stated that his favorite Doctor was Patrick Troughton (Doctor #2). Matt Smith (Doctor #11) said during the broadcast, “I knew I wanted [the doctor] to feel very clever but at the same time to not quite understand the human race.” Matt championed the BBC’s choice in Doctor #12 saying, “If I had to pick someone I’d pick him…. I’m excited because I know what’s coming & he’s going to have a blast.” Smith collected the crowds hearts when he admitted, “There’s a part of you that never wants to go. There are no parts like the Doctor.”
The landmark event for the series has become one of the most highly anticipated moments of the show and fans should be excited to see the next reincarnation at the beginning of next season. This of course is a countdown to the premiere of the show, plus the 50th Anniversary Special that will air this November, bringing back a laundry-list of former Doctors, Companions and former guests.
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