Earlier today (Thursday) James Cameron and 20th Century Fox stated that there will be three new installments, that will be added to the first story of the film “Avatar.”
The original film ‘Avatar’ brought in $2.8 billion from all around the world, making 3D a landmark event at the time. The next installment won’t hit theaters until December 2017, and by then it will be competing with Disney’s Star Wars franchise. Though Avatar 2 is scheduled to begin production next year, the third film in 2018 and the fourth in 2019. That should Cameron busy for awhile at least anyway.
Cameron did stated that the company has hired screenwriters, that will work with him on the script. Those writers are Josh Friedman, Shane Salerno and the team of Rick Jaffa and Amanda Silver.
You can expect more information on the next 6 years of Avatar-nation that we are marching towards around holiday of this year most likely.