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Amazon takes on Pinterest with Amazon Collections

Pinterest has become a pretty fantastic way to find new merchandise, design ideas and sales if you have the patience to find what you are looking for amongst the millions of users that are currently pinning items. If you are strapped for time and enjoy the ease, shipping and one-stop shopping that Amazon offers, the company has introduced ‘Amazon Collections’ to get you shopping with ease.
It’s a very nice idea and one that will surely grow as more and more people learn about the service. You can be one of the first to grab the top deals and merch. below if you are fast enough with your one-click shopping fingers. With Collections, you can organize images of Amazon products and have them out on display. It’s basically an improved wish-list but with more social-features and very much improved UI for the customer.
Sorting objects like “My Style,” “Want List” and “Possibilities,” allows you to track items and prioritize purchases so you can knockout everything you want (or what you actually need) before leaving the store and forgetting them entirely in just a few hours.
You can checkout the official page for ‘Amazon Collections’ below and start your own little organized pinboard. If you aren’t the pinning type, you can just browse the ones that are already there ‘hearting’ the items that you like, or want, to help others that may be shopping the service.
more info: amazon/collections

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