The most popular image-hosting, day stealing, hilarity ensuing, service on the internet has just hit iOS. The company announced its first official iOS mobile app, just a month after introducing its first mobile app for Android.
Imgur-InsertThe new Imgur app gives iOS users an easy to use, full-featured experience that allows them to upload, share, and comment on images and memes from their mobile devices.
After releasing an Android app earlier this summer, Imgur immediately shifted gears to finalize their mobile app for iOS devices. The development team focused on maintaining the same great user experience Imgurians are used to, focusing on image discovery and engagement.
Imgurians can now take their community with them, while enjoying their favorite images in a clean, elegant, mobile user experience. The iOS app provides complete access to all the features and functionality Imgur users love. Imgurians can browse the “most viral” images on the Internet in the Imgur gallery, upload and submit images to the Imgur gallery, comment and vote on images in the gallery, and manage accounts and albums, all on the go.
“Our community drives our priorities here at Imgur, and the Android app was a great start but only got us about halfway there,” said Alan Schaaf, founder and CEO, Imgur. “The mobile iOS app gives our iPhone and iPad users a way to enjoy the complete Imgur experience on the go. As more of our lives take place on the go, we want to make sure Imgurians have access to the full suite of Imgur features anywhere they are, on any mobile device.”
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