Rob Lowe, Rashida Jones will be leaving NBC’s Parks and Recreation

Although Rashida Jones has been there from the start, it was fantastic news when we learned that Rob Lowe would be joining Parks and Recreation on NBC. Now is with a heavy heart that we have to report that both actors will be leaving the series after this season.
NBC sources have confirmed that both Lowe and Jones will be departing Parks and Recreation, the actors are scheduled to last appear on the show’s 13th episode of next season. We last left the group with Chris and Anne both trying to have a baby, how the duo are set to leave has yet to be announced, details on the plot are slim at the moment.
As I mentioned before Jones began her work on Parks and Recreation at the start of season one, it wasn’t until the end of season two that Rob Lowe joined the cast. Lowe is currently getting ready to launch his television series-event, based on the life of John F. Kennedy called ‘Killing Kennedy’.
The one-hour premiere of Parks and Recreation, which was filmed in London, airs on Sept. 26, 2013.

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