Ashley Simpson has always had a slightly edgier look than her older sister Jessica Simpson, but the young singer took the spotlight as she modeled the latest looks from Jessica‘s latest clothing line.
Younger sis Ashley Simpson is now the face of Jessica Simpson’s new clothing line and will appear in all of the marketing. You can see one of the large marketing images that were created for the ad campaign on the right. “I have a pretty cool sister with an amazing sense of style, and I was honored to get to do the shoot,” Ashlee told People magazine earlier this week. “We keep it in the family. Jessica’s a fun one to work with.”
As the marketing campaign gets underway you can expect to see images of Ashley Simpson decorate stores across the nation. This comes just one day after the cancellation of Jessica Simpson’s fashion reality show was canceled. Ashley on the other hand has been relatively quiet in the past few years, shying away from the public spotlight and focusing more on her personal life.