Being a native New Yorker Anthony Weiner is kind of an embarrassment for our whole city at the moment. That being said, nothing helps me get over a political black-eye like a good parody video.
Last night Kristin Chenoweth, star of Wicked and so many terrific things, sang a new version of ‘Wicked’s’ famous song “Popular”. The song was rewritten to be about the NYC mayoral candidate. The song debuted on Tuesday night’s ‘Tonight Show with Jay Leno’ and quickly became a success online.
Weiner could definitely learn a thing or two on how to be “the right kind of popular,” since his “Carlos Danger,” online-alias seems to be all people can talk about when discussing the man. One of the best lines from Chenoweth’s performance was, “You wanna be the mayor, stop acting like a big ol’ whore.”

The parody is of course all the better if you are a fan of Wicked, but if you just like bashing Weiner that will work as well.