Earlier today at the TCA, Chuck Lorre and CBS discussed the new fall series ‘Mom’ which will star the lovable Anna Faris. Both Lorre and Faris were on hand at the event to talk-up the new series.
Anna-Faris-InsertThe show will center on Christy, a newly single mom that just came off a drinking-problem (played by Anna Faris). In the series Christy will be trying to get her life back together while living in Napa Valley close to her mother Bonnie (played by Allison Janney).
Lorre stated, “This is a story that’s very meaningful to me because it’s about starting your life over again and repairing the damage you’ve done — nothing to do with me personally — fixing the mistakes of the past and getting another start,” adding that the show was also “a story of Los Angeles, though it’s not set there, but this is a city of second chances.”
“It’s about a character who made some mistakes in her life and is really trying to get better,” creator Gemma Baker said. “Because she’s trying to get better, we can forgive a lot of her past. I think Anna is so lovable, so it’s really easy to root for her.”
Faris herself is a new mom and told the press, “I wasn’t necessarily ready to get back to work yet,” The actress stated that her husband (Chris Pratt) said to her “‘Whatever you’re doing, put it down. This is you.’”
The show will premiere Monday, Sept. 23 at 9:30/8:30c on CBS.