Do you know what word hasn’t been used lately…PRISM. Lucky for you that word is finally going to be getting the attention it desperately needs, thanks to a new album by pop-icon Katy Perry. If the subtle clues above aren’t enough for you, the name and album date are stretched across a tricked-out 18-wheeler that was custom-made for the album’s release announcement.
The decision on why Capitol Records and/or Katy Perry decided to use the word PRISM are sure to be the talk of every interview, soundbyte and appearance the singer/actor is apart of for the next few weeks.
The truck was seen scurrying about Los Angeles for the last few hours, promising (KATY PERRY • PRISM • 10•22•13). More details on the album will be released over the next few days, when Perry makes the official unveiling, assumably with the giant truck you see above.