The Time Warner Cable talks have completely broken down and CBS will be paying the price. In a press-release sent out from Time Warner Cable the company stated, “The outrageous demands for fees by CBS Corporation have forced Time Warner Cable to remove several of its networks and broadcast stations from our customers’ lineups”.
The company continues, “As of midnight eastern, Time Warner Cable customers in New York City, Dallas and Los Angeles will no longer receive their local CBS broadcast stations. In addition, we have been forced to remove Showtime, TMC, Flix and Smithsonian from our lineups across the country. We offered to pay reasonable increases, but CBS’s demands are out of line and unfair – and they want Time Warner Cable to pay more than others pay for the same programming.”
Time Warner Cable reminds customers, “CBS programming is still available free online at and over the air with an antenna. Showtime subscribers can watch some programming at”
For more information on other ways to watch these shows, customers should visit We regret any inconvenience caused by the CBS/Showtime blackout, and we’re working hard to restore the programming at a reasonable price.
The company also states, “Switching is not the answer; sooner or later CBS will threaten others and go dark, just as they have with DISH in the past and with us today. We thank our customers for their patience, and we hope to resolve this situation soon.”