Lindsay Lohan will take guest-hosting duties on Chelsea Lately

With a new movie out, a special-event interview with Oprah and a rehab to finish, Lindsay Lohan may be one of the busiest girls in the clinic right now. On-top of all that, the actor has agreed to be the guest-host of ‘Chelsea Lately’, once she gets out of rehab.
The 27-year-old busybody will appear on Monday, August 5, 2013. Lohan will once again relying on her more popular comedic-side (Mean Girls era), after the last few TV gigs and films have fallen a little flat with viewers. Lohan will only do one night of the Chelsea Handler talk-show, but E! is making it out to be a pretty star-studded event, though they have not released too many details at this time.
Following the Oprah interview, there will be an 8-episode docuseries on the actress. That project is set to air August 18, 2013 on the OWN network.

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