The PS4 online chat features and video streaming apps will be free

One of Sony’s most popular features, and all-time selling point when talking a friend into buying a PS3, is that there is no monthly cost associated with playing. While some of that is expected to change with the PS4, one thing that is not going to change is using free online-apps.
Sony confirmed that it will not require PS4 to have “PlayStation Plus” just to use chat, video-chat, or video streaming applications. Sony made the confirmation earlier this morning (Monday) stating that no additional fees will be instated to use third-party apps like Hulu or Netflix.
PS4-Hardware-InsertTo help clear the air, Sony released the following online video that you can watch above, created to answer some lingering questions they have received about the PS4. Sony has confirmed that there will be a fee for playing online multiplayer (yearly $50 PlayStation Plus subscription) that would not be for free-to-play games or services.
As many people know the Xbox 360 and Xbox Live Arcade (XBLA) have a $60 “Gold Membership” fee that Microsoft charges to access any of the console’s online applications, including Hulu and Netflix. That is on-top of the fee that those applications charge, while still offering advertising content on-top of the fees.
Sony continues to keep their products cheaper for the future generations, the PS4 is $399 for the base-model and the Xbox One is $499. More info, pricing, details and bundle information can be found on Amazon’s website below, one of the few online retailers that still carry the console in stock.
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