Lorraine Toussaint will appear in ‘Orange Is The New Black’ season 2, Brooks becomes regular

Lorraine-Toussaint-InsertNetflix seems to have struck gold with their new comedic-drama ‘Orange is the New Black,’ a prison-themed series that is an exclusive to the company’s original programming empire. One of the newest guest-stars to be added, Lorraine Toussaint, will join the series with a prolonged story-arch.
Also mentioned in the new updates, Danielle Brooks, who was a recurring character on the breakout hit that was Season 1, will return as a regular character in Season 2. Taryn Manning is also a new series regular for the second season. Both actors will join Season 2 when it returns, the show is doing extremely well, both in raw-data and with critics and fans.
You can expect more information on plotlines, guest-stars and trailers for the second season as we get closer to the release. Until then you will just have to rewatch season 01 for the third time in a row.

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