The launch of Final Fantasy XIV A Realm Reborn is finally almost here, for fans that have been waiting years for the game to launch, pre-ordering the game is just a downright necessity. Since the game is a little cheaper than most titles ($39 for PS3 and $30 for PC) many people have wanted to jump to the Collector’s Edition.
The only problem is that it has only been available from the Square Enix store until today, now you can pick up the digital-version of the popular game from Amazon. Pre-ordering will get you, “Pre-order Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn and get a $5 Amazon credit and receive a token for early access to the game and digital in-game content including a Mog cap and minion pet. The token for early access will be emailed with instructions prior to early access opening, according to Amazon.
The physical copy of the Collector’s Edition for PC is still not available, but interested parties can check out the official PS3, PC and digital-PC versions below.
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