Zelda fans get your pre-order fingers ready, Amazon is now the first online retailer to offer the new ‘The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD’ title to fans. The highly anticipated Wii U port of the famous installment is currently $50 and is available below.
This current remake offers a few upgrades that players should enjoy. The game was made with off-screen play and is available in glorious 1080p for the new generation. Players can use the “Tingle Bottle” a new item that utilizes the Miiverse via Sting and bottled messages to players.
A quick use of the “Pictograph” also works with Miiverse, allowing you to share your screenshots with friends and other Zelda supporters. The game may not be available until October 2013 and only for the Wii U. You can pre-order the game below, check out the official product page below for all of the information and details.
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