Next week audiences can go see ‘We’re the Millers” a new comedy that features an all-star cast, set against a rather unique backdrop. In the film David Burke (Sudeikis) is robbed, losing all of his own money and the money that belonged to his drug kingpin boss (Ed Helms). The only way out of his debt is take-on one very large drug-smuggling job to even the score.
In order to get safely across the border, Burke hires a motley-crew of associates to form a fake family. That family consists of his stripper wife (Aniston), his daughter (Roberts) and his son (Will Poulter). The film was directed by Rawson Marshall Thurber and was written by Bob Fisher, Steve Faber, Sean Anders and John Morris.
The film has quite a few special appearances that the family meet along the way to and from Mexico. These include Nick Offerman, Molly C. Quinn, Ed Helms, Kathryn Hahn and Steve Baldwin just to name a few. The film is set to premiere on August 7, 2013.