Polytron cancels FEZ II after angry Twitter exchange

It only takes a moment but lashing out at someone on Twitter can have devastating effects on people’s careers and livelihood. Earlier today Polytron announced that the development on the highly anticipated title ‘Fez II’ has been cancelled. This after Phil Fish caused a stir on Twitter.
The game’s developer, Phil Fish, who recently lashed out at GameTrailers presenter Marcus Beer over Beer referring to Fish as “BlowFish,” saying that the developer has issues with scrutiny. Fish lashed out at Beer on Twitter, telling him that he should kill himself.
Fish stated: “The thing with us “tosspots” “hipsters” is that we’re not beholden to media leeches like you, and you’re right. we’re VERY successful. And we’re not going anywhere. Get used to it you middle-aged parasite. Compare your life to mine and then kill yourself.”
That wasn’t the end though, Fish wanted a public apology, “consider it’s been going on for years now. you’d take the high road? im being attacked CONSTANTLY. and i can’t fight back? ever? yeah that seems fair.” Fish then protected his Twitter account after stating, “im done. FEZ II is canceled. goodbye,” with the official Polytron Twitter account stating, “It’s with a heavy heart that we announce that FEZ II has been cancelled and is no longer in development. We apologize for the disappointment.”
So ends another game.

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