Although the PS4 and the Xbox One are still without a definite release-date, the accessories that go with those consoles are starting to pop-up on online retailers. Microsoft has the new controller shipping on November 27th. The Xbox One controller is available on several online marketplaces, Amazon and the official Microsoft store are allowing customers to pre-order the peripheral as well as several other key add-ons.
The same goes for the PS4 controller, Amazon and GameStop are allowing customers to add additional controllers to their purchases, though in some cases the launch-day consoles are already sold-out. Many analysts believe that both the PS4 and the Xbox One will be sold-out completely before the holiday season, adding rainchecks and IOUs to many children’s Christmas mornings.
In both cases the controllers cost about $60, you can save a few dollars going through Amazon instead of the official Microsoft store. Microsoft offers a Play and Charge kit for $74.99 with a controller, alone it costs $24.99. The Microsoft wired headset is only $24.99, Microsoft put a lot of emphasis on the controller at E3 2013 but did not include it with the launch-day consoles. That device is finally available for pre-order via the Microsoft store.
Several console options are still available for pre-order, the bundles are still the launch-day option of choice for consumers hoping to be the first to get a new console this year.
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