Saints Row IV final trailer reminds everyone that it’s your last chance to pre-order

After a year of marketing, reveals and oftentimes hilarious gameplay videos, Saints Row IV is finally getting ready to ship to players next month. To prepare gamers for the fourth installment, and to remind them of all the free-stuff they get for pre-ordering the game, Deep Silver has released the ‘final’ trailer for the highly anticipated title.
Deep Silver is calling the game the the final “Hail to the Chief” mini-trailer, though we are sure Volition will throw in a Saints Row 4 launch trailer just before the game launches around the world. The open-world game is set to launch on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 in August, just days aways at this point.
There are several benefits to pre-ordering, including the much publicized ‘hail to the chief’ pack, as well as free DLC and other goodies that you can pick up just for reserving the game. You can check out the official listing on websites like Amazon below, where you can get a better look at everything the pre-orders comes with. Of course how much free stuff you get depends if you want the ‘Commander Edition’ or the very fancy ‘Saints Row IV – Super Dangerous Wub Wub Edition’.
more info: amazon

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