Seven original cast members from Star Wars Episode VI reunite on stage

It was one of those special moments when everything seems aligned with the force. Boba Fett, C-3PO, Chewbacca, Emperor Palpatine, Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia and Wicket were reunited once again and on stage.
All seven of the characters appeared in Return of the Jedi, though obviously a few were in all of the original trilogy. This was the first time that all seven of these characters could come together, in the last 30 years (since the film was made).
Star Wars Celebration, the annual ‘Lucasfilm’ event that the company holds for its adoring fans. The event took place in Essen, Germany. That itself is bit of a special occasion, the event has been going on for the last fourteen-years, but has only happened in Europe one other time.
Of course everyone wanted to know about ‘Star Wars Episode VII’ but none of the actors were permitted to say anything about the project (that is also being filmed in Europe). We do know that Luke (Hamill), Leia (Fisher) and Han Solo (Ford), will be coming back to reprise their iconic roles though not much else is known at this time.

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