Lady Gaga returns to MTV VMA awards this year, ARTPOP to be featured

Lady-Gaga-insertPop-icon and famed performer Lady Gaga has confirmed that she will be returning to the MTV Video Music Awards. The singer-dancer-actor is coming off a serious hip-surgery, that caused her to cancel shows and going into seclusion for the past few weeks.
On the docket this year, Gaga will take the opportunity to debut her new single from upcoming album ARTPOP at the MTV VMAs on on August 25, 2013. It was MTV that announced the news of Gaga’s return via the company’s Instagram video.
Lady Gaga has not ‘officially’ announced the name of her new single is still unknown, rumor is that it will be “Applause”. As we mentioned earlier, Gaga was forced to canceled her ‘Born This Way Ball’ tour, her new album ARTPOP will be a new “experience” for fans. It will launch with a companion app to coincide with the new music.

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