EA and DICE share how you will use your mobile device and tablet with Battlefield 4

The release date for Battlefield 4 is rapidly approaching. Every day that summer comes closer to an end, is just another day closer to the Xbox One and PS4 hitting store shelves. In a video found online, The new Battlelog system has been detailed by DICE, showing how virtual soldiers will use their tablets and smartphones to stay connected to their games.
Not only does the game offer a ton of stats, features and social aspects for the game, there will be a mini-map that will be available for players to use during online matches. The video features game producer Oskar Gabrielson, who details the new features that are being implemented for players.
By setting up their Battlelog accounts and downloading the appropriate apps, players can remotely track their stats, adjust customization loadouts and even join servers for the game. The game is one of the largest launch titles on the market, hitting the PS4 and Xbox one when those consoles launch, but hitting PS3, Xbox 360 and PC as well on October 29, 2013.
Players that pre-order the game from sites like Amazon will get the free Free China Rising Premium Expansion Pack. You can check out the free DLC, see screens and features of the game below.
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