Square Enix takes viewers on a tour of a Final Fantasy XIV A Realm Reborn Dungeon

We are in the final stretch, just a few more weeks and Square Enix’s latest MMO ‘Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn’ will finally be released for the PC and the PS3. With such a short time-frame left for fans to wait, Square Enix has been releasing new videos to show off the updated content that awaits players.
By now you are most likely one of the millions of people that joined the FFXIV beta at some point, either on PC or PS3, or both. During your trials you may not have gotten the chance to check out some of the dungeons that were being tested, and if that is the case you can watch one above.
The game is available for pre-order and comes with quite a few extras for doing so, Amazon even threw in a $5 credit for anyone that chooses to pre-order from their storefront. The game comes in a standard edition and a collector’s edition, there is even a digital-edition that you can pre-order that will allow you early access as well.
You can check out all of the extras, bonuses and pre-order goodies on the official product page from Amazon below.
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