Aubrey Plaza is the perfect fit for a live-action Daria Morgendorffer

She is one of the standout roles on NBC’s ‘Parks and Recreation’ and a fellow Delawarean, Aubrey Plaza has partnered with CollegeHumor to create a live-action Daria short, and she is the perfect fit.
Daria was of course one of the hit animated shows on MTV during the ’90s, and Plaza pretty much nails every-part of the iconic character. Plaza takes on the role of Daria Morgendorffer in the College Humor fake movie-trailer, that I’m kind of sad isn’t real. It was 2002 when Daria finally finished Lawndale High School, the video is a “what-if” moment that has Daria attending her 10-year high-school reunion.

There Daria meets her old friends and nemeses, filled with classic Daria humor and sarcastic comments. You can check out the official video above, CollegeHumor also put together a fake trailer for ‘Dora the Explorer’ that was so popular that it became a small series on the popular website.

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