“El Infierno” DLC Now Available For Guacamelee!

The newest DLC pack for Guacamelee! is now available for $2.99. The “El Infierno” DLC is available as a cross-buy download via PSN for PS3 and PS Vita, and has players battling an army of skeletons in the Devil’s domain.
In addition to the new level, the newest DLC also comes with new costumes, including:
Guacamelee! El Diablo's Domain DLC 1
El Portero – A soccer goalie with a keen eye for style and a devastating throw
Alebrije – Harness the awesome power of these dream creatures to deal epic destruction, but players beware of the massive damage they will sustain themselves
Diablo’s Suit – Drain the life of enemies while looking good enough for an interview on Wall Street
Guacamelee! El Diablo's Domain DLC 6
Download it today, Guacameliacs!

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