Samantha Geimer was only 13 when she was raped by famed director Roman Polanski, since the incident in 1977 the model and actor has lived a relatively quiet life away from the media. Now a new memoir, titled ‘The Girl: A Life in the Shadow of Roman Polanski’ is set to go on sale, and the cover has been revealed.
The_Girl_Book_Cover-InsertFor many it may seem shocking to know that the incident happened over 35 years ago, the then 13-year-old Geimer’s story will be told in her new memoir. The image from the cover (shown on the right) is of Geimer, who at the time was called Samantha Gailey. According to Geimer the image was taken on February 20, 1977 less than a month before the incident.
Polanski was expected to plead guilty to a plea bargain of unlawful sexual intercourse, from the events he stood accused of drugging and raping Geimer at the famous home of Jack Nicholson, during a modeling shoot. Geimer is now 50 years-old, and lives in Woodland Hills. Geimer later won a civil suit against Polanski, as a result she won over $500,000 in 1988. The book is expected to do very well, and will most likely be the topic of conversations in the weeks ahead.
The book is officially on sale September 17, 2013 but is available for pre-order and to browse online at sites like Amazon below.
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