Amazon restocks PS4 Launch Day bundles “guaranteed on Release Date”

The endless tide of console inventory continues, this time though ebbing towards customer’s favor. Earlier this month Amazon, GameStop and other online retailers were forced to stop taking pre-orders for the PS4 launch-day bundles. It was in the earlier hours this morning (Wednesday) that the company has confirmed that new launch-day PS4 bundles are now available for those that are fast enough to pre-order them.
PS4-Hardware-InsertIt has been an interesting few months since the PS4 and Xbox One console bundles began taking pre-orders, both consoles have had their share of rolling blackouts and limited supply. Earlier this morning the Amazon Twitter page posted, “And they’re back… PS4 Bundles: guaranteed on Release Date. #getemwhiletheyrehot”. The bundles are still being offered in a wide-array of choices. The bundles being offered include (Standard Edition, Battlefield 4 and PS Plus Launch Bundle, Killzone and PS Plus Launch Bundle, Knack Launch Bundle, Watch Dogs Launch Bundle) and range from $399 to $499 depending on which option you choose.
The bundles will surely sell-out again before the holiday season finally comes and goes. If you have the chance to pre-order and have been waiting for another window to open, now is your chance. You can check out the official product page below for pricing and details on all bundle options mentioned above.
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