Hugh Jackman interviews with fans at the NYC premiere event for The Wolverine

Hugh Jackman was in terrific spirits as he met with fans here in New York City to premiere his latest installment in the Wolverine series ‘The Wolverine’. Before the event Jackman met with eager fans, signed autographs and talked about why he loves playing the iconic character that he has molded into a blockbuster series.
Just before fans were ushered to their seats to see the movie for the first time, Jackman answered questions from three lucky fans, all of which you can watch above. Jackman frequently talks about Wolverine’s “berserker rage” that he says is one of his favorite parts of the character. The A-list star also talks about how “complex” Wolverine’s character is, and although he admits to being somewhat biased, says the Wolverine is his favorite superhero character.
Also featured in the video is how candid Jackman is with fans, something that he has become known for both in film, and outside the NYC theaters that he often stars in. As one of the most popular celebrities on the market, it’s always nice to see a man who seems generally excited to be a part of his films. Jackman also tells fans not to miss the credits, as it will be the perfect segway into the next Marvel movie to hit theaters, ‘X-MEN: Days of Future Past’.
This project was directed by James Mangold with a screenplay written by Mark Bomback, Scott Frank and Christopher McQuarrie. The movie itself stars Hugh Jackman, Rila Fukushima and Will Yun Lee. The film launches everywhere in the U.S. on July 26, 2013.

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