Henry Winkler jumps from Arrested Development to Parks and Recreation

Henry-Winkler-InsertLovable actor Henry Winkler is preparing for a new role on NBC’s hit comedy ‘Parks and Recreation’, the actor was confirmed earlier today, and is set to be join the returning comedy. Winkler will be brought on to play the role of Jean-Ralphio’s father.
We reported earlier this month that Kristen Bell and Ben Schwartz would be coming to the new season. Those two currently appear on Showtime’s hit series ‘House of Lies’ together. Winkler will be on the show as a guest-star. ‘Parks and Recreation’ was the only comedy that NBC brought back from the fall lineup. As of right now we know that Winkler will appear on the season-six finale, which could mean he is set to return for a large story-arch in the seventh season. Assuming that all goes well and NBC confirms a seventh season for the show.
Parks and Recreation returns Thursday, September 26, 2013. The show will kick-off with a one-hour premiere event.

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