They are some of the hottest toys on the market and Activision, along with Amazon, has put them front and center during today’s ‘Video Game Gold Box Promotion. For the rest of the day the online giant’s “daily deal” cuts down the price of the game’s starter kit (it comes with the game, Portal of Power, and three figures). For a limited time you can pick up this pack for more than 50% off while supplies last.
As for the deals for the rest of day, they have been selling out rather quickly. Promotions on games, move controllers, accessories and other game-related items will go on ‘lightning sales’ only for an hour or so, then they move on to another item. You can check out the Skylanders Giants promotion, as well as all the other Gold Box Deals that Amazon is offering below.
If new games are more your style, you should check out the over 30 ‘Pre-order Promotions’ that are currently available for almost every gaming platform you can think of. You can get all the details and promotions below on Amazon’s official site.
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