Amanda Bynes hospitalized after setting random fires

New reports paint an even darker picture for Amanda Bynes, the actor is reportedly been hospitalized, pending a mental evaluation, according to TMZ.
The 27 year-old former child star is being held on what is known as 5150 hold, or an involuntary hospitalization for mental analysis. This allows doctors (police) to hold a patient for up to 72 hours for testing. Bynes was brought in after she was allegedly starting a fire residential property near Thousand Oaks, California.
The local sheriff’s department responded to a call about the fire, they then questioned Bynes they determined she need to be hospitalized. It was only two-days ago (Sunday) that Bynes had appeared in that same neighborhood, trespassing at a retirement community just outside of Los Angeles. Bynes was visiting a relative according to reports, but was not allowed in because she appeared intoxicated according to TMZ.

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