If you are still in your office’s Royal Baby pool, or are just excited to watch the future King or Queen of England be officially announced, then you can watch a livestream of the event outside St. Mary’s hospital. The camera and livestream was set up by the Telegraph, which has had reporters camped outside St. Mary’s hospital in London, (where Kate Middleton is currently already in labor) and could give birth at any moment.

Interested parties can watch the livestream above, which is pretty much a static shot of the hospital gates with a car or pedestrian passing by every now and then, until the announcement is made. For those of you waiting, an official announcement will be posted on a wooden-easel when the baby has been born. One man that is incredibly famous at the moment is the poor guard that has been at his post closest to the camera. As with any natural occurrence, there is no timetable to give. You can just keep the little window opened on your desktop and the moment something happens, you will be the first to know. Followed quickly by about 3 billion others.