Walking Dead creator, Robert Kirkman, lands new series with NBC ‘Clone’

Just hours after the AMC Comic-Con panel for ‘The Walking Dead,’ Robert Kirkman has confirmed that he will be developing a new series for NBC. The creator of The Walking Dead (Kirkman) was already on-hand for the Walking Dead panel, but no one knew of his plans for a new NBC series.
Clone-Comic-InsertThe comic in question falls under the writer and executive producer of Image Comics imprint Skybound banner. Clone is the work of writer and creator David Schulner and it was just signed with Universal Television.
Fans of the comic know that it falls under the sci-fi genre, but is also an intense thriller. The general themes of the series is very intriguing, with a lot of natural selection against scientific engineering set against human cloning. Schulner will write the script for the series and he landed an executive producer credit with Kirkman. Also onboard is David Alpert and David Engel from ‘The Walking Dead’.
At Comic-Con Schulner stated, “I knew if I went off the rails too badly Robert would be there to put me back on track,” he added, “Now I’ve been writing the comic for two years, issue 9 comes out next week and I just finished writing issue 15, so to be able to turn it into a television show is just icing on the cake.”
‘Thief of Thieves’ is Kirman’s side-project with AMC, other than ‘The Walking Dead,’ that series is from Fox International Channels and Circle of Confusion.

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