The Game of Thrones Comic Con 2013 panel, all of the special moments

Today was the day that many Comic Con fans, and fans all around the world, have been waiting for ‘The Game of Thrones’ Comic Con panel. With HBO’s hit series getting ready for its fourth season, all eyes were on the cast and creators to reveal any hints towards the next season and book.
It was Elvis Mitchell who first took the stage at the panel, only to play a video commemorating the characters that fans have lost along the way. Michelle Fairley (Catelyn Stark) took the stage next after she was announced. It was Emilia Clarke (Daenerys Targaryen) that was met with an absolute explosion of cheers and applause as she took the stage to the announcement, “It may have taken her 10 years but the Mother of Dragons is coming for you.”
Emilia Clarke InsertEverything that Clarke said at the panel was met with baited breath, the young actor stated that, “It was a phenomenal season to film.” She then added, “The final episode was absolutely exhilarating.” The actress screamed out, “My sun and stars!” when Jason Momoa (Khal Drogo) joined the paned for a moment on stage. The famous dragon-mother talked about her unique children stating, “The trust that she put was into her Dragons. She asks for advice less and listens to herself more.” When asked what it is like to play such a role she simply said, “It empowers me as a woman.”
The official panel was made up of Executive Producer David Benioff, Executive Producer D.B. Weiss, writer and co-executive producer John Bradley west, Emilia Clarke, Peter Dinklage, Michelle Fairley, Kit Harington, Rose Leslie & Richard Madden.
When asked about the ‘Red Wedding’ episode D.B. Weiss stated, “We always knew they were all going to die. It was part of the blueprint.” It was Richard Madden said, “I cried quite a lot actually,” when remembering the now famous episode of the series. Michelle Fairley mentioned a moment she remembered from the scene saying, “There was a key change in the music and it was like someone walked over your grave.”
Knowing your character’s fate seems to work for some of the actors, but not all of them. It was Peter Dinklage who stated, “I don’t want to know what’s coming. I stay away from reading too far into the future.” Dinklage talked about working on the set and some of his demanding scenes with Tywin (Charles Dance) stating, “Every Time we have one of those scenes, Charles gives me a shoulder rub after each take.” When asked more about working on the series Dinklage said, “We travel to the most amazing places. I never heard of Dubrovnik before and it’s now one of my favorite places.”
[quote_left]Some of the actors finding out what happens in the books to their character doesn’t mean the same will happen in the scripts – G.R.R.M[/quote_left] There was a bit of curious laughter from the crowd when Kit Harrington talked about filming the heartbreaking moment when Jon Snow left Ygritte (Rose Leslie) behind stating, “Some of the most brutal scenes are the funnest to film.” Though there was a really touching moment that came from Rose Leslie (shown on the right) when she said, “Wildling life is the only life she’s ever known and suddenly comes Jon Snow. The love that she has for him dominated.”
When asked about writing prequels George R. R. Martin said, “First I have to finish The Winds of Winter and A Dream of Spring.” The crowd erupted with applause at the very mention of the highly anticipated book in the series. Martin also talked about one of the first death’s that fans had to experience, the death of Ned Stark. Martin said, “It is always sad to see Sean die, but he’s a brilliant actor and he dies so well.” One of the most interesting parts of Martin’s Q&A was the mention of the translation from book to script saying, “Some of the actors finding out what happens in the books to their character doesn’t mean the same will happen in the scripts.” Fans of course seem to disapprove of when the series doesn’t stick to the beloved series but Martin rarely addresses the matter. He did not go into details of course.

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