VLC Player for iOS suddenly reappears on iOS store for iPad and iPhone

It must be some kind of Comic-Con miracle, VLC for iOS has suddenly appeared on the App Store. For iOS customers that are new to the platform, VLC for iOS was pulled after it had launched almost two-years ago. It was never brought back to the storefront, until today.
The popular desktop version of the VLC player is almost a standard on everyone’s desktop or Mac, and now that same functionality, and a few helpful integrations, has brought the player back better than ever. The new “VLC 2.0” will give you full support of the same file formats that the desktop version, it also works with AirPlay, background audio and network streaming.
You can also add in support for Dropbox, the use of the standard iOS share button and fill web download/upload capabilities. As you can imagine there are many uses for such a versatile media player that can stream from, and to, other Apple and PC products. You can check out the official product page below.
more info: appstore

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